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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the party scene in most cities. Cocktails are a favorite for most alcohol drinkers. The process of making a cocktail seems dramatic and labor-intensive. However, there are surprisingly easy steps for a vodka-based cocktail.

Vodka is a base for most cocktails, maybe because it is a clear and relatively flat drink that makes other flavors stand out. Luckily, although it is debatable, all Vodka brands and types taste the same; so work with what you have. Consider the following when making infused vodka at home:

Buy Cheap Vodka

Vodka tastes the same regardless of the price. Therefore, save money by buying the most affordable kind; after all, you’ll be giving it a desirable flavor. However, do should consider the distillation source; these include grains, potatoes, or even grapes. For instance, those on a gluten-free diet will require abstaining from vodka distilled from barley.

The Equipment

Professionals prefer a quart or wide-mouth half-gallon jars for mixing. Firstly, they are appealing to the eye. Secondly, they offer convenience; the rounded mouths will fit all infusion ingredients. Lastly, they will not alter the flavor of the cocktail as plastic cups do.

The Ingredients

The choice of ingredients depends on personal preferences. They range from citrus, vanilla, chili peppers, whole herbs and spices, and dried fruits; they should be in the following forms: sliced lemons, the vanilla beans split, the herbs bruised, and the spices toasted. The preferred amount of ingredients to include in the cocktail is a handful; fortunately, you can always add more as needed. Moreover, fresh ingredients infuse flavor at a faster rate than dried ones.

The Infusion

The mixing of flavors is known as an infusion. Adding all the alcohol to a jar of the ingredients and covering is the first step. Store the mixture for a few days, tasting it regularly to check if it is flavored enough to suit your preference.

Strain the Drink

By the end of an average of seven days, the mixture will be ready. Strain the drink to remove all the solid ingredients; if it is still murky after the first sieve, strain it once more to remove all residues. Berries and other colored fruits tend to add color, so there’s no reason to worry about that.

Once you’ve infused your vodka and it’s ready to go, try using it in your favorite cocktails!