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Seasonal cocktails can make a fun addition to any autumn menu. Incorporating squash into cocktails can be a great way to celebrate the season. That may sound unusual. Traditionally, the most popular cocktails tend to either have a refreshing, astringent taste or a sweet, fruity one. But squash has a sweet, mellow flavor. Squash-based cocktails also pair very well with seasonal autumn dishes.

One tasty cocktail for the autumn season is the Smashing Pumpkin. This is made with roasted pumpkin and spiced rum. This cocktail has a distinctive taste, with hints of both citrus notes and allspice. This drink requires a lemon-pumpkin soda blend that can be made at home. The Smashing Pumpkin is a wonderful way to warm up after a brisk autumn hike or some work around the yard.

Another fun way to make unexpected seasonal drinks is to add squash to an old classic. One great example of this trend is the Pumpkin Old-Fashioned. This may sound like a basic drink, but it’s actually a mix of very complex flavors. The Pumpkin Old-Fashioned includes rye whiskey, maple syrup, and pumpkin puree. There’s also a warming, gingery feel thanks to Art in the Age Snap Liqueur.

As yummy and ubiquitous as pumpkins are this time of year, other squashes are also popular for fall cocktails. Harvest Nog requires acorn squash and Drambuie as the two main ingredients. Allspice, clove, and vanilla ice cream are also included in the recipe. This is a sweet, creamy, filling drink that makes a tasty after-dinner nightcap or even a dessert.

Even spaghetti squash has been used to create inventive seasonal cocktails for fall. The Comrade is a mix of tequila and spaghetti squash cordial. Other ingredients include dry sherry, Drambuie, two types of bitters, and a cinnamon stick garnish, bringing unexpected flavors forward, including the nutty flavors in the profile of the dry sherry.

Other flavorful cocktails include the butternut squash Old-Fashioned. One of the most inventive squash-flavored drinks of the season is the Mai Chai. Sometimes, this is even served in a hollowed-out delicata squash. The Mai Chai recipe includes vodka, pumpkin butter, lime juice, Chai tea, and aged rum. This refreshing drink is typically served over ice.