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Tequila’s earthiness can be mixed with many different things to give it a new and unique taste. This agave-based alcohol can be spruced up in many ways to make this classic the centerpiece of any gathering.


One of the first drinks you probably think of when it comes to tequila is a margarita. The traditional margarita includes triple sec and lime juice, but you can revamp it by adding other fruits like strawberry, kiwi, or blood orange. You may not think cucumbers belong in a drink, but they do when you muddle them up with a refreshing lime simple syrup. Fresh herbs like rosemary also go well with these flavors.

Paloma–Sweet and Sour Perfection

The earthiness of tequila goes perfectly with the sourness of grapefruit in the taste bud-tantalizing Paloma. Mix in some fresh lime juice and mint leaves to balance out the tang of the grapefruit.

Anything but Old-Fashioned

Who needs bourbon when you have tequila? Sweeten it up with some agave and mix in some bitters for an old-fashioned that really shines. Fresh fruit like peaches and cherries help brighten up this heavy drink.

The Bloody Mary’s Cousin

Don’t have vodka on hand? No problem- use tequila instead and call it a Bloody Maria. It utilizes the same spicy, tomato juice base, but the agave’s sweetness in the tequila balances out the heat.

A Coconutty Dream

Tequila and coconut are a match made in cocktail heaven. Shake together tequila with cream of coconut and lime juice for a drink that is sure to make you feel like you’re sitting on your favorite beach. Your guests will marvel at the beautiful swirls in the drink that resemble marble, thus the name- The Marble Queen.

Dry, Not Boring

If you prefer dry drinks, then the Tequini is for you. The classic martini is elevated by replacing gin with tequila and a fortified, dry Vermouth wine. It gives tequila its rightful place among the martinis of the world.

These are just a few ways to use tequila in your favorite cocktails. Mix up some old favorites in these new ways for a unique drink experience.